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2 min readJan 6, 2022

While enjoying the game and having fun, players can still earn real money. That’s one of the attractions coming from the Adroverse project.

So you wonder how to make money in Adroverse? 🤔

🎊 Let’s come to the following ways to earn for real:
📍 In-game rewards: Players can earn free rewards like cards, card packs, even ADR token via game quest, PvP battles, tower conquest, in-game activities… and sell them later
📍 Gacha: Lucky players can earn a lot of rewards via many Gacha mini-games daily — weekly — monthly…
📍 Trading: Buy and sell NFT cards and other tradable resources on marketplaces
📍 DeFi: Players can earn through many DeFi instruments built-in like lending assets, AMM (Automated Market Making) on various asset pairs to earn trade fee, or perform Yield Farming activities
📍 Staking: Gaining by participate in many staking programs! The more you stake, the higher reward value you gain
📍 Renting: Earning by renting out assets like Generals, Warriors, Buildings, Structures…
📍 Co-production: Become co-producer to participate in creating and upgrading digital assets of the metaverse, and earn
📍 Distribution: Become Adroverse official distributor to participate in periodical NFT pre-sale events and open your own shop to trade the digital assets with discounted fee
📍 Player-created content: Player created content is one of the strategic programs of Adroverse. Player can create their own contents and add them into the games under some conditions, and earn…
📍 Co-governance: Become Adroverse Governor to participate in the DAO governance system, and to get some share from transaction fees of the whole metaverse

Are you ready to get rich with Adroverse? 💸

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